Thursday, May 30, 2013

Forgotten Photos

I was unloading the camera to free up space for Maui and realized that I had never downloaded my photos from my Feb 2012 trip to Disneyland and boy oh boy did I find some doozies in terms of photos on there.... Since there is nothing like photographic evidence I thought I'd share. I mean, I love seeing other people's photos ad visual evidence... so here are my lovely photos..

And less we forget how far I've actually come here are photos taken in the last couple days to compare:

Do you notice in that one recent photo, see those legs and those RUNNERS's Calves.. .yup I am proud of those calves, that is one GIANT muscle there... like my only muscle ha... but I have awesome lower legs, the top not so much, but those calves are killer. Love it.


Julie said...

What a transformation!!!! <3 You're amazing!

Unknown said...

I love seeing the comparisons!! You have come so far and you look so healthy now!

Lisa BikiniRunner said...

You look amazing! Fantastic progress!