History of Me

A Brief History of the life of Emily...

January 2004: Joined WW for the very first time as a 24 year old virgin who had never kissed a guy or been on a date. Weighed 215 when first joined.

Jan 2004-July 2004: Lost 75 pounds made WW goal of 140

July 2, 2004: Meet Chris online at match.com, went on first date

2005: bought house with Chris and moved in together

2006-2010: lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight. Joined WW a couple times officially, did WW by myself a couple times unofficially

March 2011: close to goal weight of 140-145 pounds

April 2011: Started gaining weight again because of wedding stress

June 2011: Went to Maui and married Chris

June 2011- on: Continued to gain weight

November 2011: Sister Erin's wedding... weighed way to much; not happy with myself

February 2012: Went to Disneyland on family vacation; completely uncomfortable with self (see photos for proof)

Feb, 2012- May 2012: continued to gain weight

End of May 2012: rejoined weight watchers officially, only went for 2 weeks

May 2012-October 2012: Continued to gain weight

October 5, 2012: First day of doing weight watchers on my own; again

February 2013: Down 45 pounds getting ready for Vegas trip

February 13, 2013: Vegas trip

June 1, 2013: 2 year anniversary trip to Maui

June 2013: Joined Gym, Got personal training, started lifting weights

August 2013: Lowest weight 135 pounds, not as much muscle

September 21, 2013: Ran First Half Marathon (Became addicted!)

2014: Ran 26 half marathons and a total of like 54 organized events, weight around 155 pounds most of the year, up and down but maintained, lifted heavy things

February 13, 2015: Decided to run full marathon

September 20, 2015: First Full Marathon in Maui with Maui tropical vacation

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