Monday, June 30, 2014

Time to Rally

Well now, I had the unfortunate pleasure of spending my morning getting new tires put on my vehicle. When I came home on Saturday evening, I was greeted to a flat tire and since I’ve known for quite some time that I needed new ones, I had to bite the bullet and head in for a full set at 8 AM. The unfortunate realities of life. I was only like ½ an hour late for work so that is good.  Did I mention I am exhausted? It’s 2:15 PM and honestly I am just ridiculously exhausted. I don’t think this is too shocking since I feel like I’ve been going a million miles a minute for days on end now.

Friday night our drive to Bend was actually really nice. It was about 2 ½ hours, but it seemed to fly by, which was nice. Of course when we got into town it was about 9:45 or so and we made our way to our dump of a hotel room. Seems that when you book a room last minute on a busy weekend there aren’t many options. I probably would have turned away if it weren’t for the reality that I was checking in at 10 PM and leaving at like 6 AM. It had a bed which seemed like enough at the moment.  But just barely. We were starving so we went to Applebee’s which turned out to be a horrific idea. Applebee’s isn’t that good to begin with, made worse at 10 PM on a Friday night in a different city as your main source of substance before a big run. BAD idea all around.

I kept waking up all night not only checking my phone for the time cause I don’t ever want to oversleep. And then because my stomach could literally feel the grease like a giant lead weight in my stomach. When we got up I seriously wanted to vomit so badly just to make my stomach feel better. I didn’t. But I seriously had a moment where I was sure throwing up would have been the best option.  I pushed on, stopped at Safeway for a muffin and some power aid to help ease my stomach. It didn’t help that much.

Ususally running is euphoric and I find my happy place after about mile 3. There was not a single second of my run where I felt content or happy. Every single step was hard and painful for me. I suppose some runs are just like that. Given my previous 2 half’s were completed in what felt like effortless fashion and were completely 100% enjoyable, I am not going to judge running based on this Saturday’s experience. It was miserable. I never got into any sort of groove. From my first few steps on, I was not feeling it and it just got worse and worse as I continued. I mentally checked out, and I physically checked out. So much so that at mile 11, I started walking. I never walk. I just didn’t care anymore. I was tired and I wanted it to be over.  You’d think that this would inspire me to finish faster; instead I dragged out those last 2 miles for longer than I ever should have by literally walking. I was glad when it was finished. Like crazy glad. Not in a euphoric happy way, in a thank god that torture is over kind of way. HA HA. Like I said, thank goodness I had two epically amazing half marathons the weekends before so that I know they aren’t all that miserable.

However, my medal was ridiculously awesome. It was gorgeous, and large and slightly made up for the misery that was this run.  I think in hindsight I hated the course. It was along a bike path around a community. Yes, there were some lakes and such but overall it was uneventful and uninspiring and there was just nothing going on. This reinforces why I love large races so much. I am constantly stimulated and it takes my brain off of the idea that I am running and at times in pain. (Either physical or emotional). There were few spectators and the runners were quite spaced out and at times I felt alone and not like I was running a race, but rather the single loan runner and somehow I don’t like that. Despite running being a totally singular experience, it is somehow utterly connected and I was missing that connection. Not to mention countless times bikers were coming at me from the opposite direction and I had to almost jump out of the way for them. ANNOYING.

Glad that one was over, my confidence is a little shaken, which always happens after I sort of mentally give up. That is the worst part, the mental quit. It makes me doubt myself and my abilities.  After the race we hung out for a while before heading home. By this point I was pretty much exhausted. Not going to bed until after midnight, getting up early and running a miserable race, feeling nauseous the whole time. Body wanted to shut down. We got home about 4 PM, when I discovered the flat tire, oh joy.

I still had a good time, which seems odd, given all the factors, but I still had a nice time in that environment with my husband. We ended up just watching some Orange is the New Black for a few hours on the couch before going to bed about 11 PM, only to get up at 7 on Saturday to set up and get ready for a garage sale. Yup, no rest for this chick. Back at it again yesterday, doing a garage sale. It was good. It was worth my time, I still have enough stuff left in my garage that I think we will do another one this Saturday, but totally worth the effort yesterday. But again, exhausting. Last night I wanted to crash, but somehow I just keep going.

Watched a few episodes of Orange again last night, I was a grumpy ass mess let me tell you that. Almost beyond the point of exhaustion to where I couldn’t fall asleep but certainly I needed it.  I have not gotten enough rest at all. This is abundantly clear to me.  But I keep going. So I pack my gym clothes and fight exhaustion as I intend to go tonight after work. This second I can think of very little that sounds worse but who knows I might have a change of heart in a few hours.  This is the one thing I know, I am taking it easy this week on all accounts because on Friday I am running another half marathon. 4th of July half. I am sure my body is not fully recovered at this moment in time for the extreme’s I have put it thru. The thing that has to go is a little bit of gym time I think. That, or else I just need to get in some more sleep. I am sure once I can catch up a little on sleep that things will feel better.  Just operating on fumes at this point.  There is a part of me that just feels like curling up into a little ball and sleeping.

Time to rally. Put on the exercise clothes, chug down some fresh water and power on thru for a little bit more. That is what I do after all. Because at the end of the day there is some sick twisted part of me that loves this shit.

Friday, June 27, 2014

tick, tick, tick

It is officially Friday and I am very happy about that. Of course, as per the tradition on Friday’s one does not really want to work. I kind of want it to be 5 PM already, but what’s new.  Of course it’s like sit around all day waiting for the clock to tick so that I can be incredibly busy for the next 2 plus days. That is how life goes I guess. Doing awesome things comes with some sort of price tag, and that is constant go-go lifestyle. It’s both a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Regardless, doesn’t really matter cause it’s happening anyway.

I have to tell you something, last night was a STRUGGLE to get me to the gym. This is actually quite funny to me. I was dressed in my workout clothes and I was driving in the car and seriously going back and forth 50/50 on which direction my car was going, towards the gym or towards home.  I kept telling myself that I could just go home and do a workout there since I have weights and a treadmill, I could just go home and do something. Yeah, great idea. You can do that, car veers towards home.  Then the other little voice steps in and says, yeah right. Way to convince yourself to go home and not work out, cause that’s not going to happen. Voice 2 says, just drive your ass to the gym, do 45 minutes and then go home. Just do it.

Such a freaking struggle. Then I found myself taking the turn towards the gym and just going that way, every minute still fighting with myself. I parked in the parking lot and was still trying to argue with my brain. 30 minutes minimum, at least 45 and hopefully an hour. Just stay 1 hour and you will be good. I made it the full hour, thankfully.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to figure out what I want to do. Some days are easier than others for sure. A lot of me was sore already but I pushed on with about ½ an hour of upper body strength training and then I did legs. I actually hate doing legs with a passion; probably because once you do legs you can’t walk properly which I REALLY hate. But I picked up the 50 pound barbell and went into the little workout room to be alone. I started squatting. I squatted 50 times. Then I did 25 deadlifts, and then I did 20 barbell rows for the back. I did this sequence 3 times. Then for good measure I did an extra 100 squats.  So this girl did 250 squats with a 50 pound bar on her neck. It wasn’t that heavy, I could have gone heavier but because of quantity I think it was okay.

Today my ass is a little sore so I guess that means I worked it. Of course I didn’t want to work it so hard because I mean I am running tomorrow, but what is new. I figure at some point having to run a half marathon on a weekend will prove to be an invalid argument in terms of not being able to do leg strength training. I am always running a half, and am I never going to strength train my legs for fear of being sore? That’s just stupid. I’m not so sore I can’t walk and therefore a little butt ache is acceptable.

I keep staring at the clock willing it to move, as if somehow my mental desire for it to be later will actually cause a time shift. I mean, it hasn’t thus far, but maybe one of these days right? It’s going to be a long day for me at this speed. I mean, it’s already going to be a long day as it is, but this is going to be epically more so if I don’t find something to occupy my time. Geesh. It’s raining and cloudy outside which doesn’t help the situation at all. The mood is less than perfect on days like this. But I have to keep the bigger picture in mind, that which is tonight I am driving to Bend for another awesome adventure. Now if I could just get my energy level up to actually make that sound appealing that would be great. I am sure I will feel it more soon. I’m just tired right now which probably isn’t a good thing at all.

BUT… I am still smiling. That is the important thing, no matter what I am still smiling and loving my life and that is what matters most. It’s almost lunch time at this point, so that means I am almost half way thru the day, although for me the afternoon is definitely longer than the morning time, but it’s still a step in the right direction. Once it hits noon I will go run some errands which will kill some time, which is always nice.  The sun is starting to come out and my mood and energy increases with it. I got this. I can handle this. I am ready to go. Pacific Crest Half Marathon I’m coming for you tomorrow!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life happens

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  -John Lennon

This is quite possibly one of my favorite quotes ever and attributed to one of my favorite people of all time and ironically it also happens to be the theme of my senior year high school yearbook. This last fact probably has something to do with both me and my best friend at the time being on the yearbook staff. She was a big Beatles fan as well.

Any way this sentiment was completely true for me yesterday.  I was swamped at work, the day seemed to go one thing after the other and despite every single one of my best intentions I did not get to write this post because real life was taking over, but that isn’t even the reason this quote it so appropriate. The reason it’s appropriate is this.

This weekend I had intended to have a garage sale on Saturday, sort of by default. I need to have a garage sale; this is a true enough statement. Chris works every other weekend, which is his normal schedule. But lately, because of all the racing he has asked for certain weekends off and we do our best to adjust around them, but a funny thing starts to happen, he is getting a lot more weekend time off. He has had the last 4 weekends in a row off and that is completely unreal all by itself. There was not a single part of me that actually believed he’d have this weekend off. Consequently I went and made other plans for myself that included a garage sale on Saturday.  Besides, there really weren’t any races to attend.

Turns out, for some obscure reason he had this weekend off yet again.  We don’t get the schedule until a few days before. It’s ridiculous, but that’s another story. Suddenly he had this weekend off. Oh well, I thought. There weren’t really any races that I was turning down and I needed to do a garage sale. I proceeded as planned. Yesterday about 11 AM I got a text message from my husband that said, you know there is a half marathon on Saturday morning in Sun River Oregon. This is over by Bend, which is about 2 ½ to 3 hours away from us. I said, yeah I know, but clearly we’d have to drive late Friday night and get a hotel and then run and then there’s the garage sale and obviously I thought for sure you’d be working. 

In a nutshell, after some deliberation, some careful planning and some spontaneity, we have officially moved the garage sale to Sunday. Yes, Sunday garage sales suck, but the backup plan is that we set it up, if it totally sucks, we keep it set up for a week and have it again next Saturday, July 5th. I think that is perfectly acceptable to us.  So yesterday I was mad scrambling to book a hotel room Friday night and get us registered for the official Pacific Crest weekend in Sun River Oregon.  The medal is beautiful, but more than anything I LOVED that this was completely 100% borne out of my husband’s own mind. I am always the one who comes up with these hair brained ideas, these epic adventures, but yesterday, he did this, all on his own and orchestrated this quick little trip.  You cannot obviously tell me that he is not in love with running or this lifestyle we are living. I have often known he is a bit of an A.D.D kind of boy. He cannot sit still for too long, and thrives a little better with chaos.

In all fairness, we are both chaotic kind of people. Thriving on way more to do than nothing at all. This has probably been a ton of our issues during the years. Boredom and lack of fulfillment out of life. Life is so much better when you just go with it. So while I had a certain expectation for the weekend, life suddenly happened and now I am off on another amazing epic adventure. I am smiling from ear to ear because this is the best part of life.

Leave it to me to be crazy busy. This meant last night I went to the gym, did personal training, did an hour class, came home, had to do some work that my boss called me at 5:15 with as I was headed to my 5:30 training session, and then I started to set up for a garage sale.  The plan is this, tonight I will get the garage sale as best set up as I possibly can. Wait, back up. Gym first for an hour, then set up garage sale. Then pack some shit up for my little impromptu trip.  Chris does work late tonight so he has to pack his shit this morning. Tomorrow we get up, go to work. I get to come home and finish packing or doing garage sale stuff a little bit until about 7 PM when Chris gets home. The plan is to almost immediately leave for Bend.  At the best we will be in Bend at 10 PM.  Check into the hotel. Get our ass up at like 5 AM, no joke, and then go run a 7:30 AM half marathon. Hang out a little in the Bend area. Drive our ass home as soon as possible.

Depending on how we feel (crazy insane is my guess), we might go to a birthday party Saturday night or we might bail on it. Then Sunday morning wake up and have a garage sale. Yes, we are certifiably insane. I am well aware. But again, we seem to operate better under constant stimulation. Perhaps we are both slightly A.D.D. But I can’t stop smiling.  I probably would not have chosen this crazy adventure all on my own, but I think because this was entirely Chris’s doing I am giddy. It means that every part of him loves this just as much as me and I can totally get on board with that.  I am not sure if I am supposed to encourage the crazy, but honestly since its ususally me cooking up these impromptu plans I can’t help but just go with it.

Turns out I love a little bit of spontaneity in my life. I am really a very planned regimented girl, but a little unexpected fun every now and then is pretty awesome. Of course the reality of driving late one night to get up early the next to run 13.1 miles is probably not most people’s idea of fun, but I think it’s become pretty evident that there is nothing else in my world that has ever brought me a better euphoric state of happiness.  This is my perfect definition of fun.  And I slightly fell more in love with Chris the moment he suggested this hair brained plan. This is what love is, isn’t it? Having a partner willing to go along on these epic adventures with you. I honestly had no idea 10 years ago when I met Chris that we’d share this amazing thing. Perhaps we didn’t/wouldn’t if life hadn’t have taken us on all the twists and turns it has. All I know is that we ended up here, doing exactly what I believe in my heart we were always meant to do. The fact that I found a soul mate that understands and appreciates one of the most important aspects of my life is crazy good. But yesterday it went beyond him doing this just for me and went into a genuine love for him when he suggested this.  And that makes my heart happy.

This also means that I will be running another half this weekend, my 3rd in a row. Which means since I have a half on the 4th of July and then a half on July 13th that I will run 5 half’s in 5 weeks. I am completely at peace with this. I feel great today and definitely like I could run another half in 2 days. I do think they get easier, or you get more comfortable with the distance. So yes, this will be number 13 of the year. Clearly, we are flying right by that 14 goal and instead heading somewhere into the 26, 27 land. Yeah, this girl might be signed up for like 27 or so half marathons this year. I am nothing if not obsessive. But they are just so freaking good for my soul and well-being. 

Do you realize that there has never been a time in my entire adult life where I have been content and less judgmental of myself and my flaws. Where I am more accepting and happy in my own skin.  There has never been a time where I know whole heartedly what is important in life and who is important to me. I promise you, none of it has anything to do with my weight or a scale or my body fat percentage or how I look in the mirror. My health is important because it allows me the ability and opportunity to show up and run, but it is so secondary to living and loving life. My life. Just as it is, just as I am.  I sound high. Like a drug addict whose high on something. I guess in some weird way I am, high on endorphins. I am a junkie who needs my constant fix, thus the weekly half marathons.

I knew running that very first half marathon last September that this was something I could really do. I was scared as hell, but I felt that love and high swell up inside of me. I kind of knew that this was something that could become addicting to me. It was miserable. (Thanks Paige for sharing that awesome milestone with me…. :)  But boy, it was the very start of this, this whole journey, this whole life altering mind blowing experience that I will never be able to turn away from.  I found my passion. That’s clear to see. I found it. Better late than never I suppose.

Life truly is what happens when you are busy making other plans. And that is simply the coolest thing. Let your life lead you in whatever direction it goes.  Smile. Enjoy the hell out of the ride, all of it, every single moment. Remember what ultimately is important. The memories, the love you give and get. The family. The single moments of perfection that simply take your breath away. That is what life is all about.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Whril Wind of Fun!

What an eventful past couple days. 4 days to be exact. The short, very short of it is that I went to Seattle on Friday, ran on Saturday (amazing time), completely checked out of life on Sunday (Orange is the New Black marathon?) and then went on a company fishing trip yesterday all day. (Bad mistake in terms of a motion sickness girl… why did I not think of that?)  Anyhow, 4 whirl-wind days.

Let’s back it all the way up now to Friday. We woke up about normal time and headed up to Chris’s dad to drop off our doggie for puppy sitting with Grandpa. It’s actually very nice to have a built in puppy-sitter who loves her dearly. We made the drive up to Seattle which had a few torturous traffic areas, but otherwise was a pretty decent drive. We immediately went to the Rock N Roll expo. Here’s the thing, I wear my TOMS shoes all the time, never thought anything about it. But I guess when you wear wedges where your feat are actually wedged into the shoe and you do way to much walking around in them, a terrible blister thing happens.  We parked a little ways way from the expo cause who wants to pay $20 to park for an hour?  So we walked a little, then walked around the Expo for an hour and then when walking back to the car I knew my toes were hurting. When I got in the car and removed my shoe I was actually quite surprised to find a GIANT blister on my right pinkie toe, right on the top/front. Oops. Day before a race and all too. Bad decision. Lesson learned. From here on out its tennis shoes only at expo’s. Too much walking doesn’t work with girly shoes.

We checked into the hotel room (I changed into my tennis shoes) and then we walked to a store so I could pick up some Band-Aids which I had convinently forgotten to pack. Stupid me. But we walked around the start/finish line venue for the race as our hotel was actually like 2 blocks away. It was a perfect location. I love Seattle. I don’t think I realized how pretty and/or cool Seattle really was until this weekend. I guess there is something about running a city that brings it to life for me. Sure I have been to Seattle plenty of times in my life, but this was the first time where I felt like I really connected. I guess that’s the beauty of seeing the city thru a run. It’s just a unique experience.

Anyway, walking around Friday night was great. The start/finish line venues were by Key Arena, by the Space Needle. I actually go to relax a little and enjoy ourselves as we walked around the area. Just walking around we went by the EMP museum. I had never heard of it, so a quick inquiry made me realize that it was the museum of music, science fiction and pop culture. What the hell? Why had I never heard of this until this moment? I mean, movie artifacts and musical memorabilia are right up my alley. Of course at this point it was too late in the day to enter. They were almost closed but in that moment we decided after we ran on Saturday we would go check it out.

We had some dinner and then pretty much went to bed.  The incredibly nice thing about being so close to the start/finish line is that the morning of a run you don’t have to do much but wake up, get dressed and then walk on over. It was stress free and perfect. The race started at 7 but we were in corral 21 so knew we wouldn’t be starting until at least 7:30. We walked over about 6:50 and this was plenty of time for us to get lined up and just take it all in.  The lack of stress was very nice.

We were so laid back that by the time we were actually at the front of the start line and they said go we didn’t realize it was actually our turn and I’m like, guess I better start running. Off we went. As is the case with most of these runs, the start/finish are always in some urban hot spot, this one being the Space Needle and therefore the first few miles and last few miles are always ran in town, and sometimes in less than perfect conditions of hills and roads.  The first couple miles were a little hilly, but honestly I am starting to not even notice so much as inevitably every single run has some hills. The world is not flat.

I did not pee before the race, despite knowing I had to pee. Honestly, the line was just too ridiculously long. I decided that I was just going to have to stop during the race when it was most convenient. I mean, it’s never convenient but eventually there would be a bank of potties and I’d just have to stop.  What results is that the first few miles are slightly uncomfortable because I spend far too much time thinking about having to pee or the uncomfortableness brewing in my system. I actually knew I had to poo. Sorry for the graphicness but eventually this becomes painful to hold onto.  I ran past a few potties around mile 1-3. Then things started hurting. Eventually at about mile 4.5, I saw about 8 potties and a relatively short line all things considering so I just bit the bullet and stopped. This added at least 10 minutes to my time, but sometimes it’s the only option. After I finally exited I was concerned about starting to run again and getting my groove back but honestly it went okay. Honestly, I felt so much better, almost like a new woman, after having relieved myself that the next few miles were bliss.

Right after Mile 5 a spectator had a megaphone and was just yelling out stuff and I was cracking up. He was like, “Goodbye Mile 5, I’m never seeing you again. You’re done.  I’m over you. Good Riddance Mile 5.” And so on. It was quite amusing and got my attention. There were lots of spectators which was once again a reminder of why these Rock N roll races are ridiculously fun to me. So much mental stimulation on the course. So many people with signs and cheering you on. It’s simply something that I have not found at any other event aside from the Rock N Roll’s. This probably helps to add to the epic-ness of them. About Mile 5 (post bathroom) I really settled into a nice happy euphoric pace that lasted thru most of the run.  At some point we came across Lake Washington which was just beautiful. They lined the side of the lake with pictures of fallen war soldiers. Seattle’s race is about wearing blue to remember the fallen soldiers. It was a beautiful touch. They had lots of volunteers holding up American Flags along this section. Quite nice.

We ran thru some on ramp tunnels. Yup, complete stretches of running thru a tunnel and the entire freeway section was closed down for the runners. Completely unique experience. We ran right by Safeco field (on an overpass) and then we ran by some giant Ferris wheel. I feel like I should know what this Ferris wheel was but I don’t. Eventually we came back into down town area and I realized that their race course was definitely mismarked mileage wise.  Typically in a race my Garmin will read a few tenths off here or there and that’s totally normal and understandable. I don’t run in a straight line, but this course was like 7 tenths off or something. This is a mismark, as post-race most people complained about the distance not being accurate (so I was not alone).  This was not my Garmin acting up as Chris’s registered almost the same distance as well. Definitely ran more like 13.5 miles, but it didn’t matter. Just throws off times a little bit.

Oh, somewhere around mile 11 or 12 or so I was tired and I knew my toes which had those blisters from the day before were probably not doing so awesome. But nothing major. I crossed the finish line and felt happy and not overly exhausted which was nice. My time was pitiful in my books because of the extra 10 minutes for the bathroom and what I swear was another 5 minutes because we ran an extra half mile. But that’s fine. If I subtract the 15 minutes or even just 10 minutes then I am definitely in line with my normal finish times and that makes me happy.

It was a beautiful course, a great time and a perfect venue for the post-race festivities. We got our extra medals for finishing both Portland/Seattle this year and then the one for this being our 5th Rock N Roll race of the year. We then walked back the 2 blocks to our hotel room to change and check out and then head back to the venue to get our beers and listen to the concert.  When I took off my shoes in the hotel room my giant pinky blister had become a giant pinky blood blister. Yup, totally nasty. Filled with puss and blood, looked like my toe was infected and have to be amputated.  HA HA. Its fine now, but it really did look severely messed up. Guess this is why they say runners don’t necessarily have the prettiest feet. We don’t. My feet are jacked up.

The post-race was blissful. It was gorgeous weather. We sat in the grass and listened to the Presidents of the United States of America. You know the Peaches song. And then Sir Mix A Lot. Total 80’s throw back. I mean, I am not really a fan of rap, but I am a fan of sitting on my ass with a beer and snacks post a 13.1 mile run, so live music is live music. People watching is fun. Eventually he did sing I Like Big Butts, which obviously is the only song I knew. It was entertaining. It was actually completely awesome. I got to lie down in the grass and just chill. EVERY single thing that I love about running was right there in that moment rolled up into one. There is not a single way I can think of better spending an afternoon. (With the slight exception of a beach in Maui). But an outdoor concert post half marathon surrounded by other runners and of course my husband, feeling awesome and accomplished. The best moments of my life. Makes me incredibly grateful for this life.

After the concert we got up, and headed to the EMP Museum. I thought it was pretty cool, as it turns out I really am a huge science fiction geek at heart. I grew up with a Science fiction father, so as long as I can remember I was watching Star Trek or Highlander or some other random Sci-fi show.  They had all these cool props from Star Trek, the Matrix, Men In Black, Superman’s costume, etc., etc.  LOTS of neat things.  I was pretty into it.  But nothing will compare to my excitement upon seeing one item.

So, we were in the horror section, which was completely NOT the appropriate place for this item. Amongst like the Saw’s from SAW and face makes from Jason and all these other nasty things, was 2 stakes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I might have had a mild freak out right there. An instant rush of excitement and suddenly I was a giddy 8 year old girl. Nothing had prompted me to want to break out the camera, despite loving so many things previously, but the moment I saw “Mr. Pointy.”  Buffy’s stake, I was like OMG, Chris, Chris, get your phone. (My phone was dead at this point), I need a picture.  I was just staring at the prop when another couple came across it. My freak out had just occurred and I was coming down from my high.  The guy was like, is that Mr. Pointy? To his wife and she was like yeah. And he was like, that’s so awesome, I figured one of those stakes had to be. And she was like; we are probably one of only a couple people in here who would get excited about that.  I was listening to their conversation as I was right behind them and I was like, “Me, right here. I’m the other person who was beyond excited about that.”  They turned around and laughed and we had a little conversation. So funny.  Made the whole museum for me. Buffy’s freaking stake.  I’m such an uber nerd.

They had lots of cool costumes from The Princess Bride, the Wizard of Oz, they had a Highlander sword and lots of Game of Thrones stuff, but nothing compared to my Buffy. Although clearly should have been in the Science Fiction category, but whatever. At that museum I realized what a freaking geek at heart I am. It was fun.

Of course at this point it was like 6 PM and we had a 4 hour drive home, to pick up my doggie and then onwards home. We didn’t make it home until about midnight, but at least we didn’t have any plans on Sunday. Yeah to that!  What ended up happening was a much needed nothing day. We went to Costco, we walked around a few stores and then came home and I ended up participating in a much more common marathon, that of binge TV watching. I have now completed the entire first season of Orange is the New Black.  I am moving on to Season 2 shortly.  Definitely not a comedy, don’t know why I ever thought it was. But it’s good and addicting. Sad as fuck, but good.

Yesterday morning I had to wake up at 4 AM, to meet at my work office at like 5 AM, as the guys literally decided Thursday afternoon at 4:30 PM that Monday they were taking everyone on a deep sea fishing trip. I have never been fishing and for some reason said yeah, let’s give it a try. I would love to be the only girl on a boat of 20 guys fishing.  Actually, that did not bother me in the least, what I should have known better about was the reality that I am a motion sickness prone kind of girl. BOATS are not my friend. Although I never actually threw up which is quite shocking in hind sight, I pretty much spent 5 hours on the boat wanting to throw up in agony. Good times :)   The guys were all very nice to me and overall I had a good time. I did catch a fish. So yup, I have caught a fish, guess I can cross that off my bucket list. Deep Sea Fishing trip and catching a fish, done. Don’t EVER have to do it again. Ha Ha. 

We didn’t make it back into town until almost 5 PM yesterday so I was exhausted from the whole 4 AM wake up and the complete stomach turning fucking with my insides kind of day so I decided to not torture my body and went home instead of going to the gym. In the end I am sure this was the right decision.  A lot of heightened activity in a short period of time and I’m just spent. So I am finally back to some normalcy today which is actually refreshing.

I do not have a single race this weekend which is kind of sad for me. My next run is not until July 4. That is the longest I have gone in months without a run. Bizarre.  Still going to be a busy week/weekend for me, as I am planning to do a quick garage sale on Saturday just to clear out some clutter and because this is the only weekend I don’t have something planned pretty much all summer.

I have more I want to talk about but this post is already incredibly long and I am starving so it’s off to lunch for me. And here are the weekend photos. Yeah, yeah… Awesome bling!