Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's in the Bag

This is my latest Goodwill purchase that I thought I’d share with everyone. I bought this last week and let me tell you it was quite the decision. Not because I didn’t love it. I INSTANTLY loved it. I saw it dangling on the purse rack the moment I glanced that way. My eyes zeroed in on the bright orange straps and the animal print. I am a sucker for animal print of all kinds. It was so trendy and current and totally mimicked so much of what is going on in fashion right now. Yes, Dooney and Burke has a line of giraffe print purses right now. I know, I went to their website. Of course there’s are real leather and HIGH quality, but honestly I don’t want high quality in a purse, well its not worth the price for me because I like to change purses so much that it’d be a waste of money. I can’t even stand to spend the money on knock off purses. You can purchase many a giraffe print knock off at, or various similar places online. Oh no, because spending $25-$40 on a purse would be too much for this thrifty gal. I walked over to it and was like if its $5.00 its mine. It was not $5.00 it was $6.99. And I was thrown. I was thrown people. This previously buy what you want gal was thrown. And I did the only respectable thing I could think of. I walked away. I told myself that if it was still there tomorrow, and I was still wanting it I would go back and get it. There is a goodwill right next door to the work post office I go to every day. So I left. I left my purse in the store and walked away. I went about my day and I couldn’t stop thinking about the purse. I looked them up online to see if it was a good deal. And I knew it was. So later in that same afternoon I had to run out that way for one of my bosses and I stopped and I paid the $7 for the purse. And I suddenly felt better. I immediately transferred all my purse possessions into it and loved it. I do not like to spend more than $5.00, but occasionally I do make an exception for the rarest of things. This purse in fabulous condition by the way is definitely the exception. And honestly, I haven’t regretted that decision since. I’ve used my purse for a few days now and it is definitely love. But the best part is at that price when the next love comes along I don’t have to feel guilty about putting it in the closet.

Coming Soon

This is the new permanent site for Emilys Big Adventure. It's free and I can customize it some and for now that is all that really mattes. So I just wanted to gt it going here :) A real post will follow shortly.